Saddle Care

Comprehensive Cleanings

Saddle cleaning is more of an art than science. Each saddle has unique needs based on the type of leather that it’s made from, how long since the last cleaning, how much dirt has found it’s way in between the layers that make up the jockeys and seat, and even the manner in which it was last cleaned. When a saddle is brought to us for cleaning we assess the leather and develop a custom solution for each saddle. The saddle will be fully inspected and any loose fittings will be tightened, and weak spots will be noted. Once we have provided the owner with our assessment and estimate we will begin cleaning.

The first step in cleaning a saddle is to thoroughly clean it with saddle soap. After it dries, depending on the type of leather, it will be coated with warm oil to replace the natural oils that are lost with time. If the saddle is particularly old, dry, or the saddle is very light in color a leather conditioner, such as Bick, is used in place of oil. If multiple coats are required, they will be applied as needed. Padded and rough out seats are given proper attention: rough-out or suede seats are dry cleaned and brushed and slick padded seats are carefully cleaned and conditioned. Fixed silver trim is carefully polished in place; special care is taken to assure that the silver polish never touches the surrounding leather. Any removable silver, such as conchos, are removed before the cleaning processed and polished to a brilliant shine. Final finish is up to the owner, anything from a nice oil finish to a high gloss. We do our best to make your saddle look its best.

Serivce Price
Clean: English Saddle $95.00
Clean: Western Saddle $225.00
Additional Silver Starting at $15.00
Custom Saddle Restoration

This saddle is a great example of a comprehensive cleaning and restoration. The saddle was inadvertently left out in the weather during the rainy season and then sat out and dried. When we received it the suede seat was in dire straights. The leather was extremely dry and the silver severely tarnished. Mold had grown over the entire saddle. After thoroughly cleaning the saddle a combination of products were used to restore the natural oils and suppleness of the leather. The silver was cleaned and meticulously polished. As you can see in the after pictures the suede seat is now clean and bright, the moisture and luster have returned to the leather, and the silver sparkles.

Expert Repairs

John enjoys working with leather; the feel, the smell, and the story it can tell. He had the honor of spending many hours at the bench with Saddle Maker Bob Wilson and carries on the tradition of quality workmanship.

Repair Categories
Wear Items Strings, Rope Strap
Saddle Reline Reline Skirts with natural or synthetic shearling
Stirrup Leathers Blevins Buckles, Stirrup Leathers, Blevins Slide, Leather Stirrup treads
Riggings Standard "D" Ring rigging, Flat plate Rigging, In-skirt Rigging, Latigo, Off Billet, Rear Billet
Restorations Modern Saddles, Antique Saddles